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Founder & Director Matt’s meticulous attention to detail serves his love of building well. He’s been accused of being obsessive (and he takes that as a compliment).


His hands-on exposure to all aspects of construction including; design development, procurement, technical detailing, contracts administration, value management, programming, project management, and construction management make him both a details-person and a big-picture operator.​


With the drive and capability to deliver projects both commercial and residential in nature, Matt has a genuine passion for all things construction and design. You’ll catch him unwinding after a long day on site watching The Block or Grand Designs. His brain never needs a break from the build.


Riencon's foundation is Matt's fantastic industry-wide reputation. 



Matt Rieniets is registered to build anything from a shed to a skyscraper, in Victoria. He’s built both…and everything in between. Mostly for big companies. 


Riencon is going to leave the skyscrapers to the corporations for now, and focus on builds that are too small for large commercial companies and too big or complex for most domestic builders. Medium and detailed is our niche.


At Riencon we genuinely love construction delivery and architectural design. We take pride in perfection, quality, liveability, function, and form.  The more complex, the better.


Everyone deserves a space in the world, let us build yours.



With over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, Matt delivered projects including high-end residential, multi-storey residential, hotel buildings, mixed-use developments, supermarkets, commercial showrooms and large-scale commercial hospitality projects. 


In 2010, Matt bought a house. After careful market research, he bought in an area he thought was sure to catch some Urban sprawl in the next decade. Property values in the suburb skyrocketed sooner than he thought. Matt’s love of property development was born. 


A few years later, while working full-time, he managed to expand the property with a commercially-influenced, architectural extension on the original red brick clinker. Complete with thermomass insulated precast concrete panels and timber cladding, the carefully thought-out project not only blended old and new but Matt’s own skills and experience in the domestic space.

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